BeerHugZ !

Have you ever had to put down your beer because your hands were almost numb?

Have you ever dropped your beer because the outside of the bottle or can was wet?

Have you ever had water stains on your furniture because your beer was “cold as the Rockies”?

If so, then you have probably tried using those boring, old-school Koozies from the 80’s. What you found out was the Koozies were large, ugly and they still didn’t stop water from spilling out on your furniture.

What you need is a new, innovative product that can keep your hands dry, your beer cool and look good while using it. That is where BeerHugZ can help.

BeerHugZ is a revolutionary new product designed specifically for the beer drinker. It is specially designed to hold beer bottles and beer cans without ever letting a drop of water touch your hands, or your furniture. This is because it is ergonomically built to provide you with the best grip will making sure your drink is secure at all times. It is lined with special thermal foam, making sure that your beer stays colder, longer.

Even better, BeerHugZ has a stable base that won’t let your beer topple! And finally, BeerHugZ aren’t drab and plain like Koozies and other drink insulators. In fact, they are extremely stylish, coming in a variety of colors such as Blue, Green, Red, Orange and even pink. So, if you are having a party and don’t want to drink your friend’s beer, give them a pink one and you’ll know … that’s not yours.

So, why are you still holding your beer with your hand, or even one of the 1980’s Koozies? Stop wasting time and order your BeerHugZ today.


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